Friday, January 6, 2012


I went to my LNS today to participate in her end of year inventory sale and  purchase the Poinsetta House pattern for the 2012 Year of Smalls project.   However, she had sold all of her copies and she was out of stock on all the patterns I had on my list.  So I think my plan is to wait until the next project is announced and order all my patterns at the same time.  My LNS is about 40 minutes away and I don't get the chance to get over there very often.  I can't believe I left the store and my only purchase was thread.  :(

Stitching on the Winterology has been challenging for some reason.  It is a very easy stitch but it seems I have done more unstitching than stitching.  I have stitched the mitten motif and am working on the penguin. 

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