Friday, January 13, 2012

Apron Strings

When I went to my LNS last week I purchased the one skein of floss I needed to finish this project.  I took it to my local framer this afternoon.  I had purchased the frame from East Side Mouldings as was shown on the cover.  I am not very original...when I see something I like, I typically just duplicate it. 

Apron Strings by The Cricket Collection

I also added borders to the Darby quilt and I have posted a new picture on the quilt page.

I had seen a post by Faye the Carolina Stitcher telling of the pouches she had been making.  I thought they were so cute so bought the pattern and made one this afternoon.  The pattern is The Perfect Pouch by Karen West.  The instructions were excellently written and very easy to understand.  Now to make one for all of my projects.  :) 

The Perfect Pouch
That is it for this evening.  I had not spent much time in my sewing room recently so it feels so good to get something done.

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  1. sherry, I love the apron piece. looking forward to seeing it framed. I also love the pouch but I've never sewn in a zipper before. yours is so cute, I might have to give it a try.